On the second day in PS College, inspection of the peer team of the noble continued. The team handed over their report to the Principal after inspection

Team members visited the first account section on Saturday and thoroughly examined the maintenance of the department. He also advised to follow the modern methods of settlement. After that the team met the non-teaching staff and talked to them on various issues.

It is known that the team of Neck took detailed information on Friday, the College Library, Canteen, the teachers of different subjects, their academic achievements etc.

On Saturday, members of the team prepared detailed inspection report of the college and finally handed him the seal to the Principal in a simple ceremony before the staff of the college.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. S. K. Singh, Chairman, Nek team said that there is a need to make educational institutions even better in this backward area. I hope that now this college will also be able to overcome the shortcomings expressed in our report and make educational progress even better in the future.

On this occasion, Principal Dr. Rajeev Sinha welcomed the members of the team and promised to give a better shape in future with the help of everyone. Thanksgiving is done by the Honor Coordinator Dr. Ramesh Thakur. At the same time, Neck’s peer team left.