From the desk of H.O.D.


From the desk of H.O.D.




      Education is an instrument for social change, economis prosparity, cultural diversity, industrial development, technical advancement, mechanical sophistication, divine inspiration, universal brotherhood and national reconstruction. Considering the above facts there is no denying for the social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, mental emotional and moral development of men and women need the extensive exposure to a wider prespective and conducive environment to enhance their general awareness and intellect. This becomes more imortant and relevant as it is imperative to ensure that youth imbibe such virtues as high morality, impeccable character, good health, sound knowledge and devine wisdom.

                The latest development in science and technology need be adopted whole heartadly by the youth to lead the nation  as a true patriot. They may, only then, emerg as future thinker, leader and builder of the modern India. The B. Ed. Deptt. of PSc. is conceived with genrosity, incessant inspiration gracious guidance and active co-operation of number and mentors. We highly acknowledge the director, founder and chairman of B. Ed. Deptt. in PSC Dr. K. P. Yadav a man of extra caliber to establish the deptt. of education in Parwati Science College to raise it and emerge it into a full fledged to the middle education institution in order to extend maximum facilities in imparting education to the middle class along with the weaker section.

               The college commits itself to offer quality education at the higher end to establish itself as premier institution ath the national and international level. Before takingadmission, the students are requested to go through the whole prospectus very carefully. We welcome you with the hope that you will find meaningful future as lifelong warrior, Success, Happiness and Satisfaction.


Dr. Syed Parwaiz Ahmad
Deptt. of Education
Parwati Science College Madhepura