Parwati science college Madhepura situated in Madhepura distric in Bihar. It touches the boarder of three countries and the soul of Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. A part of the ancient Mithila tradition with the witness of Koshi.

The geographical coordinates is 25.8674° N, 86.9424° E. This Geo is rich of ancient history belongs our culture and our civilized existence. either as religious and moral like Singheshwar Nath Mandir. Additionally we are proud to be a part of this holy land where discovered the new dimension of literature books, Leader in social development and fight of freedom. Madhepura always stand with the nation for being the part of empowerment. And also the nation will never forget the dedication and sacrifice of B. P. Mandal, who always fight for the equality of society.

And as the continuity  of contribution of building a better society and a better nation, as a need of heigher education, Kirti Narayan Mandal donated the land for establishing the college dedicated to his worshipful father “Shri Thakur Prasad Mandal College” in 1952  and supported financially also for establishing.

Even after that on 25 August 1978, the saint of Koshi  Late Kirti Narayan Mandal established a College again in the memory of his lovable mother “Shri mati Parwati Devi”.  So on it illuminate with education and knowledge.

Inside the campus worshipful mother Parwati Devi and father Thakur Prasad Mandal and Kirti Babu’s statue are situated which will always makes us inspired.

Dr. Rajiv Sinha

Principal, , P. Sc. College, Madhepura

11 Dr Rajiv Sinha 11-05-2015 to till Now
10 Dr. K. P. Yadav 03-03-2009 to 10-05-2015
9 Dr Hemchandra Kumar 19-01-2004 to 02-03-2009
8 Prof. Q. M. Rahman 10-02-2003 to 19-01-2004
7 Dra. K. K. Mandal 15-03-200 to 131-01–2003
6 Prof. Q. M. Rahman 10-06-2000 to14-03-2003


5 Prof. Hemchand Kumar 01-01-1996 to 09-06-2000
4 Dr Jaykrishna Prasad Yadav 28-06-1985 to 31-12-1995
3 Dr Suryanarayn Yadav 29-10-1984 to 27-06-1984
2 Prof Ratnesh chandan Prasad 23-01-1984 to 29-10-1984
1 Prof. Hemchand Kumar 10.08-1978 to 22-01-1983