All the credits of establishment of Parwati Science College, Madhepura goes to Late Keerti Narayan Mandal. Who was devoted for educational change and development. In the real meaning he was a saint. This institution of Koshi commissionaree is the rememberance of his financial sacrifies, strongest will power and austarity.
The college was established in 1978 for making easy the educational dificulties and gave the name of this college “Parwati Science College” by his honourable mother’s name. Late Keerti Narayan Mandal will always the inspiration for us for his dedication as memorial statue inside the campus of Colleg.

Education is an instrument for social change, economics prosperity, cultural diversity, industrial development, technical advancement, mechanical sophistication, divine inspiration, universal brotherhood and national reconstruction. Considering the above facts there is no denying for the social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, mental emotional and moral development of men and women need the extensive exposure to a wider perspective and conducive environment to enhance their general awareness and intellect.